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High-Power Tube Monoblocks
DV-200 (Special order only)

Single-Ended-Triode Integrated Amplifiers
VP-845 (In stock, Call)
MP-2A3C (Out of stock)

Parallel Single-Ended-Triode Monoblocks
DV-300B (Special order only)

Tube Integrated Amplifiers
DV-80 Replaced by newer model VP-80 (In stock, call)
I-30 ( Out of tock)
Minitube Quasi-Monoblock Amps
VP-10 (Not available)
VP-20 (Not available)
VP-300B (In stock, call)

Line-Stage/Phono Preamplifiers
SL-2000 (Not available)
SL-2000A (Out of stock)
MC-7P (In stock, call)

Multi-Channel Tube Amps
DV-6C (In stock)

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