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JPZ Technologies, Inc. is authorized in North America to offer some of traditional Dared's products, including classic preamplifiers, integrated amplifiers, and power amplifiers. We have been in partnership with Dared for many years and leveraged our extensive technical expertise to design/develop various products to meet the needs of North American Audiophiles and music lovers. Based on stringent quality controls, artistic designs, advanced manufacturing technology and unique electronic circuitry, we ensure each amplifier is build to the highest quality and sonic perfection.

The components in most of our amplifiers are audiophile grade: high grade, FARAD brand signal coupling capacitors, NOS Allen Bradley and Vishay non-inductive key resistors, gold-coated PCB and tube sockets, pure silver signal wires, HQ/hand-made transformers and chokes, chromed steel chassis, wood panels, Nippon/Nichico filter capacitors, gold-plated speaker binding posts and RCA inputs, and high grade OFHC point-to-point wires. We, Dared and JPZ in USA, do not build the most expensive amplifiers -- we offer innovative products with the best sound quality fit to your budgets.

(Note: We are authorized to distribute Dared traditional product lines (classic models) only in North America. Disclaimer)